Your Number 1 Skippers Ticket Theory QuizUp-to-Date and ExtensiveLearning Material

Your Number 1 Skippers Ticket Theory Quiz

Don't study hard. Study smart. Our free and easy online quiz allows you to test your knowledge on recreational boating safety and procedures.

Up-to-Date and Extensive

While the Department of Transport do provide some online quiz material, we have strived to make our quiz more comprehensive; with more questions aimed at mimicking the actual theory examination.

Learning Material

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Getting out on the water in Australia is a fun way to explore everything our coastline has to offer. By getting your skippers ticket through an authorised provider, you can rest assured knowing you are competent and safe on the water. But getting your skippers ticket isn’t just fun and games on the water. Before any practical assessments are done by licensed instructors, you must first pass the skippers ticket theory exam. The test has always been a general knowledge exam, consisting of 40 questions covering a whole range of boating topics. As of December 2015, skippers ticket assessment procedure have changed, making the exam slightly harder to pass.

Don’t let this put you off! Study for the exam doesn’t have to be hard. Don’t study hard, study smart. See below for information about learning materials and visit Skippers Ticket EDU to find out what you need to do to gain the knowledge to get your skippers ticket. All the reading and revision in the world is great, but nothing beats a practice exam to help you test your knowledge. Skippers Ticket Quiz provides that service!

It is 100% free. Easy to use. Matches the actual exam content.

Have a go now! Give yourself the confidence to pass your Skippers Ticket exam first time!


How Much Does Getting Your Skippers Ticket Cost?

Recreational Skippers Ticket training and assessment is done by independent companies on behalf of the Department of Transport, the cost (and quality) of your RST training can vary. Have you got plenty of prior boating experience? Or are you a total beginner and looking for more time in the water with an instructor to grow your confidence? Have you got your own vessel? These factors play a part in how the level of your skippers ticket cost. Having said that, the following average prices have been compiled by checking the courses offered by some of Perth’s main RST training providers.

Standard Course (inc. theory and assuming some limited prior experience): usually from $150 per person

Beginners Course (inc. theory and providing extra time for boat handling training: from around $280 per person, depending on how much additional boat training is wanted by the student.


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Recreational Skippers Ticket Theory Exam

The Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST) assessment is designed to test your skills and knowledge of boating safety. It is not so much a boating license (as compared to a driver’s license), but more a proof of competency and understanding of general maritime rules.

The assessment consists of 2 sections:

  • Theory.
  • Practical.

You MUST pass the skippers ticket theory exam BEFORE being tested on your practical skills.

The theoretical section of the Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST) assessment consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. 34 out of these 40 questions must be answered correctly in order to pass. Prior to December 2nd 2015, the test use to consist of only 30 questions. New material has been added to the new exam, so be sure you have the latest workbook (7th edition).

The questions are designed to prove you have adequate understanding of the following boating concepts:

  • Recreational boating rules and regulations.
  • International marine collision rules.
  • Buoys and other navigation aids.
  • Use of navigation lights on boats.
  • Maintenance of a vessel’s structure, motor and equipment.
  • Required safety equipment.
  • Trip planning and responsibilities to passengers.
  • Distress signals and responding to emergencies.

How to study for your skippers ticket theory exam:

-Department of Transport RST WORKBOOK

Like all exams, prior study is STRONGLY recommended before attempting the exam. The Department of Transport produce an RST Workbook, which covers many aspects of both the theory and practical aspects of the RST assessment. It is essentially mandatory reading, providing clear and concise information, as well as practice questions for the student.

This workbook can be downloaded directly by clicking on this link: RST Workbook PDF.


Perth Boat School has produced a FREE DVD outlining the practical and theory aspects of what is required during the Recreational Skippers Ticket assessment. These DVDs can usually be picked up for free at any BCF, Ranger Camping store, as well as from most boating dealerships within the Perth region.


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